All posters - please read

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All posters - please read

Post by PJStar Guy » Sun Aug 21, 2005 7:04 pm

Thanks for visiting the message boards.

We hope you enjoy your experience here. Please take a few minutes to review the guidelines and FAQ's. You will learn how our forums work. Please post with civility and class. And remember the golden rule of message boards. Stay on the topic of the discussion, and do not make the discussion about other posters. When things get personal, that is when we have moderating problems.

And please, do not post moderating questions or comments. If you have a question or concern about moderating or message board management, E-mail us and we will try to reply.

We want to know if you have concerns about violations of our guidelines or any abuse. Click on the link below and send us a message if you have these types of concerns...

This link can also be found on our main page, towards the bottom. If you have other questions, we may or may not be able to respond. Because of the volume of correspondence we get, we do not always have time to respond. Reading the guidelines and FAQ's will answer most every question you have, especially ones that have to do with posts or discussions being removed.

Again, thanks for visiting and participating in the message boards. Guy


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