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Central Catholic

Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:25 am
by deejay
I was reading the article in the Pantagraph on the sudden resignation of Bobby Moews at Bloomington Central Catholic. I would call it a “forced out”. Just read between the lines. “They want to go a different direction, i guess”? Unreal, after 30 plus years of leading sports at Central Catholic, a Moews will not be a part of the program. You can get away with these things at a parochial or private school, a school hiring a Moews nemisis as AD, then bringing in his buddy in Walters to “assist”. The Moews coaching staff all resigning too must say a lot. Now if the players just not go out to play, that would be just fitting. I have no stake in this, but reading between the lines it stinks.