To All the Guests Visiting the Board: For the civil discussion of Bradley University men's basketball
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To All the Guests Visiting the Board:

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I'm sure a lot of you are here as a result of the situation involving Bradley and Dave Reynolds. What's here is a collection of die-hard fans who truly bleed Bradley red. With that passion, we suffer from extreme emotions: we get a lot higher than we should at the good times, we get a lot lower than we should at the hard times. Everybody in their life has said some extreme things due to emotion, it's no different here. At the risk of speaking for others here- we're here because we care, we're here to support the team and the players, we're here because we want what's best for the team and the university. If we bear any "responsibility" for possibly creating or adding to this situation, know that all we want is a successful program and university we can be proud of and anything said here is said in furtherance of that goal.
A real fan celebrates the successes, but acknowledges the failures of his team.

I am a Bradley Fan, not a Bradley Fascist.

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