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Posters Please Read and Welcome!

Post by pjs moderator » Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:41 pm

Thanks for visiting the message boards.

We hope you enjoy your experience here. Please take a few minutes to review the guidelines and FAQ's. You will learn how our forums work. Please post with civility and class. And remember the golden rule of message boards. Stay on the topic of the discussion, and do not make the discussion about other posters. When things get personal, that is when we have moderating problems.

And please, do not post moderating questions or comments. If you have a question or concern about moderating or message board management, E-mail us and we will try to reply.

And welcome to the BradleyHoops forum, a new Journal Star message board devoted exclusively to Bradley Braves men's basketball.

The Journal Star has been the No. 1 source for Bradley basketball coverage since the Famous Five grabbed national headlines in the 1930s. This forum represents another enhancement of that coverage. Dave Reynolds, the Bradley beat reporter for the Journal Star, and columnist Kirk Wessler will be regular participants on this board; available to answer your questions and participate in your discussions.

We believe true Bradley fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors and stripes. Like any group, they have different views of what's good or bad, styles of play and the type of players to recruit, when to call a timeout and whom to start or sub. But they all have one thing in common: They love Bradley Braves basketball. All are welcome here. All we ask is you keep it clean and reasonably civil.


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