Ron Meyer dead

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Ron Meyer dead

Post by squirrel » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:37 am

Former football head coach Ron Meyer has died. He coached the Patriots and Colts in the NFL, most notably leading the Patriots to Super Bowl XX as Mike Ditka's counterpart; but also for the snowplow game at Foxboro against the Dolphins, where he ordered the grounds maintenance machine to clear an area to aid his kicker to win the game 3-0.

He is perhpas best known however, for leading SMU from 1976-81 getting the Pony Express started in the early 1980's, after leading UNLV to an undefeated regular season and national semifinals in 1974. He "got out of Dodge" early though and it was Bobby Collins who enjoyed the fruits of that labor, and later inherited all its consequences. Meyer does remain UNLV's all-time winningest coach by percentage.

After his NFL days, he went on to coach one season with Las Vegas in the CFL (which had adopted a number of US-based former WLAF teams), and Chicago in the XFL, leading them to the playoffs.

I'm also really sad Joe Don Baker never portrayed him in a movie :lol:
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