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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by OrangeandBlack74 »

O&B 78 wrote:
Sat Sep 15, 2018 10:52 am

Only 29 point spread :(
But did hold Dunlap to under 70 yards of total offense so there’s that.
And half of that was on one pass play after the Washington turnover.
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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by blownfuse »

ging wrote:
Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:53 am
muss wrote:
Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:07 am
Sycamore and Kaneland should be in top 6
Where would you have Sterling?
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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by redbirdfootball »

I was at the Washington Dunlap game Friday. Washington dominated and I told my friend at halftime this game feels like it should be 41 to 6 instead of 21 to 6. My opinion is Metamora rolls in Dunlap next Friday.

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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by CIS »

I've been saying since the season began that Morton is the third best team in the MI. Dunlap has not impressed at all, two wins over very weak teams and a win over a mediocre team Pekin that could have easily been a lost. The Eagles lost too many players from last year. They're still a decent team but they will go 4-3 in the league and play one or maybe two playoff games. Still not bad but certainly not at the level of Washington/Metamora or even Morton. I think Washington-Metamora is going to be a whale of game and lot closer than folks think. I think the Birds have a chance. While I don't see Morton winning, I think the Potters will also give Washington and Metamora a decent game.

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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by Bballnut »

Actually, I thought the Panthers were a bit sloppy with fumble, and ill timed penalties. Had a chance to put game away with 2nd quarter td to go up 3 scores, fumbled, and allowed Dunlap to march and score.They are running the ball well but passing game doesn't seem sharp. Gotta clean those things up. I think C Crouch referred to that in his comment to PJS after game
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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by MadHatter555 »

The most surprising thing after watching this game was that Dunlap scored. It took 3 pretty unlikely plays for that to happen. The Washington defense just absolutely dominated in this game. Washington would score, Kastl would kick it out of the end zone, and three plays later, Dunlap would punt. There was no way Dunlap going to drive 80 yards on that defense. I don't remember Miamen's name being mentioned all night, other than a couple of futile pass attempts to him. The Panthers did a terrific job of taking him out of the game. Felt pretty sorry for Miles, he got beat up.

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Re: Dunlap@Washington

Post by TheHouse »

Can we talk about Fishers performance on defense? Played man to man with Miamen all night and to the best of my knowledge held him to "0" catches.

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